About Us
We offer an accessible, affordable, comprehensive range of family-oriented dental care. Affordability is a key issue for many people. Our aim is to provide a complete range of dental care to achieve dental health at a cost which is comfortable for most patients. When patients come in for treatment we address their individual needs and discuss this thoroughly with them.

At Klinik Pergigian Wong & Ho Sdn Bhd, we also have a special interest in state of the art cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists can plan treatment that is perfect for you. Starting with simply whitening and brightening your teeth and smile, all the way to a complete cosmetic makeover.

Our convenient extended dentistry hours and modern rooms provide a safe pain-free environment for all your dental needs. New patients are always welcome.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that beautiful teeth stay that way by providing outstanding, pain-free dentistry at prices that are the best value. We try to understand our patients problems deeply to prevent future problems by helping them to understand the pro and cons.

As well as fulfilling all the general dental needs. We also provide a full range of cosmetic and preventive dental care. Please refer to 'Treatment' page for further information about the type treatment offer by our dental clinic.

We treat the patients as a whole. It means that we are not treating only their complaints but inform the whole condition in their mouth and treatment that needed. The patients only need to come back to clinic for regular check up for tooth cleaning for every 6 months after all the treatments that done.

Clinic Background

Klinik Pergigian Wong & Ho Sdn Bhd was established to help community in the surrounding area who need to get access to dental care at reasonable cost.  A year after that, we managed to open a second branch in Seri Kembangan with the goal to make affordable dental care available to everyone.

Our clinical team consists of a group of professional, friendly and caring staff who understand the nature of dentistry and we are always keen and ready to help our patients in all means. Please refer to 'Our Branch' page, to know about our branch location and other information.

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